Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Handling Serpents (Herring) #1

Handling Serpent (Herring) #2

Handling Serpents (Herring) #3

Cottonmouth #5

Cottonmouth #6

Cottonmouth #7

These drawings were intended for a spread in a magazine known as At Length. Unfortunately At Length had to close as my spread was coming up. As a result, the drawings intended for this show were exhibited at various art fairs through Gallery Joe.

dates: 2005-2006
graphite on paper
sizes vary but each sheet of paper is no bigger than 8.5x11"


daniel said...

are these drawings available for sale? I think they are wonderful and would be interested in buying two of them.

The Drawings of Rob Matthews said...

Daniel, I just found this comment. Sorry. I don't look at them that often, instead relying on email.
Some of them are for sale. Please contact Gallery Joe ( for more information.

waynestead said...

Hey Rob, it was great to meet you at Dayton's show today. I really like the Cottonmouth drawings. They remind me of (my mild obsession with) INXS's "Devil Inside."


The Drawings of Rob Matthews said...

I too am fond of the Kick record. Maybe because it's a classic or just that I've owned it for 20 years but I've probably listened to that record more than any other that I own.