Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Assumption at Ridglea (installation shots)

The Assumption exhibition was installed at Gallery Joe in Philadelphia, PA in spring of 2005.


stackingchairs said...

This is absolutely beautiful. I'm interested to know how graphite and silver point became your weapon of choice.
ps. I had dinner with some friends of yours from philly here in richmond. Andy(MFA painting at VCU) and his wife(who worked with you at the museum in philly.) Her name escapes me at the moment- they are new friends.

The Drawings of Rob Matthews said...

Hey. Sorry I haven't seen this post for a couple days.
Andy and Nicole are great people to know. I'm glad you met them.

Graphite happened because I was making a lot of ink wash drawings that were interiors (which I still need to scan the slides and put'em up here). The ink work was great for me at least for shape and plane and assigning individual values to planes but it wouldn't let me get the degree of specificity I wanted (texture, etc). I didn't want do a lot of ink hatching so I switched to pencil. Silverpoint has grown out of that- similar working methods but with a different set of limitations as well as different potential.
I miss working in other methods and hopefully I'll have some time to get back to them later (specifically large scale charcoal with cold wax). We'll see.